13 Useful Preparation Tips for Class 10 Maths Board Exam

tips for maths exam class 10

As fearful and difficult it might sound, maths paper is the only class 10 paper that can make you score 100/100. We listen to many people say that maths is one of the scoring subjects, but it is also something many class 10 students are scared of. Some find maths boring, and some don't seem to understand class 10 maths at all.

CBSE class 10 maths is full of dreadful topics like geometry, trigonometry, algebra, mensuration, and more. The very sound of it makes students be scared of class 10th maths board exams. Many seminars that have been conducted for the class 10 students have one question in common how to prepare for maths board exam class 10.

CBSE board exams for class 10 is a big event for all parents and teachers, and so it creates a lot of pressure on the students. The examination hall for class 10 feels like a battleground and the preparation is done similarly by our young warriors. With the uncertainty of board exams 2021, students of the 10th class are facing a lot of indecisiveness.

However, even if the board exam 2021 is getting delayed, students must be prepared to ace it with full zeal and complete preparation.

Let's clear the air and establish one thing, to ace the class 10 exams one needs to treat it like any other exam, on a bigger scale.

One of the biggest mistakes parents and teachers make, creating unnecessary pressure.

The students get pressurised to a point where class 10 exams feel like competitive examinations, and with this pressure comes fear; fear of not meeting the expectations set by their parents and teachers.

Let the child be, and don't make him/her lose confidence.

Here are a few tips to score in class 10 maths board exams without exerting yourself. Let us make you understand how to score good marks in maths class 10.

Make a schedule

Class 10 students should be in charge of their study schedules and distribute time slots subject-wise. Don't forget to allocate a little extra time for class 10 maths as it requires a little extra effort.

Understand the Syllabus

Understanding the syllabus always comes first when you sit down to prepare for an exam. A clear vision of syllabus weightage and chapter topics can help you utilize your time effectively on various topics depending on their importance.

NCERT Book is the key

As basic as it may sound, all CBSE board exam papers are made keeping NCERT books in mind. All important questions are covered in the book.
A good percentage of your class 10 maths paper is inspired by NCERT. It is always a good idea to refer to an extra book but strengthening your basic with NCERT will always be very helpful. You can check the previous years' papers to verify this.

Practice Sample Papers and Previous Year’s Papers

CBSE class 10 maths sample paper plays a vital role while preparing for maths board exams. They open you up with a variety of questions and help you analyze your weaknesses and good points. Now that you know where you need to improve, you can start solving those problems to score full marks in your class 10 math exam.
Do not forget to solve maths previous year’s question papers, and You can start with the last five year’s question papers to get a rough idea of what type of questions will be asked in your board exam. As many of question papers you solve the chances of scoring high in your class 10 maths board exam increases.

Read Question Paper

For any class 10 student appearing for the maths paper, it is essential to go through the question paper. Mark the questions that seem easier, solve them first. Class 10 maths exam is all about managing your time while appearing for the maths board exams. During the examination, the only important questions are the ones you are sure of.


The formula for mathematics doesn't change but practicing makes you remember it by heart. Solving questions, again and again, will help you memorize the formulas better for your maths paper. Class 10th maths board exams are easier when your formulas are at your fingertips. You can choose various sample papers and previous years' papers, available online, and mark questions which are repeatedly appearing on different question papers.
It also a good practice to have a neat hand on graphs.

Rough Work

To champion class 10th, maths board exams make sure you get in the habit of taking your rough work seriously. Draw a separate column for it. Class 10 maths is full of calculations. Avoid using your question paper as much as you can. Make sure to use a pencil for your rough calculations.

Each Step Matters

No matter how good you are at solving numbers in your head, make it a point to neatly and mention every step. In maths exams, there are marks denoted to every important step.

Learn from your Mistakes

A lesson you should always remember in life and while solving your practice papers for class 10 maths exams. Each mistake that you make, no matter how small will reflect in your final answer. Even if your answer gets affected by a decimal point, it is the wrong answer. Review each step you write down while practicing, you will be able to identify your shortcomings. Make sure to work on them.

Keep it Neat

Students should always remember while appearing for CBSE class 10 maths, keep it neat. Your answer sheet should be clear to read. Sometimes, due to bad handwriting, a decimal can look like a coma and make you lose good marks. Use a rough column for your extra calculation or your question paper.

Pack Extra Stationery

With all the topics like, geometry, the number system that is covered in class 10 maths, it is important to keep your stationery box in check. Keep extra sharpened pencils, erasers, and all the other pieces of equipment that come with your geometry box. Do not waste time on finding things during your exam.

Monitor your Time

Not everyone solves a problem at the same pace. If you are slower than the usual bunch, make sure you do not waste even a single minute during the board exam. To ensure this, prepare for the worse scenarios and carry an extra of everything.
If you tend to work quickly, take a breath and analyze your answers. At times, going too quick might make you miss out on small things.

Do not Panic

Yes, the class 10 examination is very crucial but do not let it cloud your judgment. Make sure you are relaxed and focused during your exam. You can practice mediation if you are someone who gets anxious very easily. Not only with maths exams, but this practice will also help you with any important and stressful point of your life.

Remember: one can only teach you ways to succeed, but success lies in your own hands. Doing something that not every student does require discipline, sacrifice, and hard work. If you can manage to get a hold of these, then you will succeed.

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