The Drastically Changed Life of Teachers

role of a teacher

If we learnt anything during the Lockdown when the Pandemic hit, it is that learning is essential and on-going. What good is learning, when it doesn’t have a teacher? Whether you learn during online classes or you learn by self-reading, even that material is prepared by a teacher.
A teacher’s life has seen drastic changes over the years. From preparing lectures, attending to student’s queries in person and in a set location which is meant for that learning alone, to a vast shift in creating a safe zone meant for learning within a larger space of the digital world. From the endless standing during lectures, all classes are now seated within a possibly distracted area of your house. Homes suddenly turn maybe a tad bit silent just to accommodate an online class in progress.
Change is difficult for everyone, whilst students have to adjust with the change that they must login to mark attendance, a teacher now also has to do that as well, while also figuring out how to keep the students engaged and ensuring proper learning for them with all of the difficulties and limitations around.

Some things haven’t changed, atleast for teachers. They still need to prepare notes for the next lecture, they still have to check assignments, this time online and on the screen instead of the fairly easier looking at physical papers. Teachers have had to also share the load at home way more than they were expected to earlier. Since students can still access their one of one queries over certain platforms, teachers are now paying closer attention while not being disturbed by other students.

For students, they learn what is taught to them. For teachers however, not only do they have the responsibility to teach, but also to continue their own learning. All whilst being able to students in a language that they are likely to understand. Whether a teacher is teaching junior classes filled with students who have lesser attention spans and need more attention to be able to teach, or a teacher teaching a senior grade which decides their future based on the results or a teacher is teaching a skill-based course, everywhere, the content & the creativity used to convey the teaching, is an ongoing and ever evolving learning.

Whether you are learning from a live course/ class or a pre- recorded one, all get updated from time to time and take up a lot of a teacher’s time. Only to ensure that a student learns in the best possible way there is and sufficient to teach ahead as well.

When teacher’s recommend books or material to study, it is only because they have thoroughly rummaged to it and not once like a student, but multiple times with multiple batches of students. Here’s what one might consider as the biggest hurdle for a teacher. When students don’t ask questions. Not only is the teacher unaware of the fact that his learning got communicated, but the teacher is also worried if the learning is engaging enough for the students to stay interested to learn.

With newer materials and things to learn emerging by the day, teachers teaching more dynamic courses, are compelled to be able to incorporate those materials and always challenged to know about all things new! With the scope of e-learning and the access and reach it has, you can often expect to learn more and often even better from platforms such a e-gyan which has courses on request. It isn’t a school that has restrictive content and no sure shot way of knowing who the teacher behind it is and whether that teacher can really help you. On e-gyan however, the testimonials and reviews, help a student to understand the teacher and their teaching styles and be able to select the course accordingly. While one teacher’s way might help one student, another one’s might not work the same way for others. It becomes important to be able to super power your learning and select a teacher who does offer you the best learning possible for you.
In pre-recorded courses, students have the ability to be able to pause, rewind and go through something, till it is clear to them. Both ways of teaching ensure that you are able to find the best possible learning methodology and the balance between it. One aspect however cuts down on the work of a teacher. Students not practicing enough. The teachers are available to assess your results and guide you where you need the help. Not taking that option however, diminishes the work of a teacher and makes their teaching practice just a bit tougher.

Also, we must not forget, that despite everything a teacher does, at the end of the day, they are also ultimately human and have regular lives. They also need to take care of their health and well-being, their family, their needs and desires, their everyday lives and much more. When students think that teachers have it easy and don’t need to take tests, they too have tests at every corner. Some work wise, and some just test their abilities as a teacher. A student fails, a teacher also fails. A student passes, the teacher also goes a level up to being a good teacher.

Remember to acknowledge your teachers from time to time. Its important to not forget where you got what has made you “YOU”.