Benefits of NCERT Books for CBSE Students

ncert books for class 12

Everyone and anyone appearing for the final exam wants to give their best. Not only students but parents also aim to ace the exams by practicing sample question papers and referring to various study material.

However, the biggest question that every parent and student faces is "Are the NCERT Books enough?".

The answer to this one is tricky, but to begin with, we first need to under the National Council of Education Research and Training, also known as NCERT. NCERT books are prepared by highly qualified and field experts and can be wholesome study material as they adhere to the CBSE curriculum. It is a government body set up to regulate and ensure the qualitative development of school education all over India.

The organisation holds the sole responsibility of developing education books, keeping the CBSE curriculum in check. NCERT is also responsible for the development and distribution of educational kits and digital materials to help the students and teachers to have access to quality study material. NCERT books are prescribed by all teachers and academic experts.

Here are a few reasons how studying NCERT books can help you to score optimum marks!

• The CBSE board exam papers are prepared from the NCERT books as they are standard for all students up till class 12. NCERT books are designed to suit everyone appearing for the CBSE board exams. As NCERT books are a standard for all the students, most question papers are prepared from them.

• NCERT Books are the best study material to get a stronghold on the tricky, formula, and logic-driven subjects like Science and Mathematics. This is because NCERT books help you understand the basic concepts. You may find the solution to any exemplar problems in science in your NCERT books. The simple language and explanation help you memorize subjects easily.

• NCERT textbooks are more than enough for students of primary and secondary levels. NCERT books are very easy for every student irrespective to their intelligence. Especially when you are preparing for class 12, make sure you are thorough with your NCERT books.
Class 12 question papers are heavily inspired by NCERT textbooks. Most of the CBSE board exams question papers are taken directly from NCERT books.

• Importance of NCERT books is such that every school treats the NCERT textbook as its primary study material. Even the CBSE board exams, the most crucial exam in every student's life, is made from NCERT textbooks.

• A lot of time goes into referring to other study material. Very often, in order to excel, students ignore NCERT solutions and focus on other study material.
However, one must not forget that the NCERT books are recommended by the CBSE. That implies that all the papers are prepared from NCERT textbooks. Thus, it is better to focus on NCERT books to save your own time.

• NCERT Books make practicing easier with easy language and a wholesome approach. Once you are through with your syllabus, the smart thing to do is to revise.

• Revision happens best when you practice or recall what you have learned. With NCERT textbooks, you get a number of questions that will help you prepare for the exam question papers. With simple language and a holistic approach, NCERT Books make revision easy.

• CBSE board exams play a huge role in every student's life as it paves the career path for you. It is crucial that one is fully prepared for it and, this can be achieved by understanding your NCERT books and making sure your concepts and doubts are clear.

• Not only CBSE board exams, but NCERT books also help you with competitive exams. History, geography, mathematics, political science, physics are a few of the subjects that are a part of many competitive exams. Understanding basic concepts from NCERT books is easier, and thus it will help you prepare for such exams.

In a nutshell, there are many benefits of NCERT books for CBSE students. From class 1 to class 12, everyone can benefit from this carefully crafted and planned study material.

We strongly advise students, parents, and teachers to promote healthy learning by encouraging students to give more importance to NCERT. It is a good practice to refer to other books, but in order to do so, one must learn and understand the basics from CBSE. Getting your basics clear will help you understand the lesson better and will also help you score well. Use other books and study to only add extra value to your knowledge.

Study these books and Solve all the important questions prescribed by CBSE.