Preparation Tips for NEET 2021

neet preparation tips 2021

There are many NEET preparation tips for NEET 2021 out there, but you need to focus on the ones that work for you. Clearing NEET is the dream of many young medical aspirants. NEET - National Eligibility Entrance Test, formerly known as the All India Pre-Medical Test (AIPMT), is the qualifying test for competitive exam for medical students, both MBBS and BDS. Medical entrance is one of the toughest to crack, and more than 1.4 million students appear for it every year.

There are 83,075 MBBS seats, 27,285 BDS seats, 52,720 BAMS seats all over India in Government colleges for NEET 2021. Candidates who wish to appear for the NEET 2021 exam must have passed class 12 or equivalent with Physics, Chemistry, Biology/Biotechnology and English as core subjects from a recognized board like CBSE or ICSE. NEET exam is a 3 hours long exam and is conducted in 11 languages like; English, Hindi, Marathi, Odia, Tamil, Marathi, Urdu Bengali, Telugu, Kannada, and Assamese, all over the country.

The NEET syllabus is a mix of Physics, Chemistry and Biology (Botany and Zoology). NTA or the National Test Authority of India is responsible for the NEET exam. Other than NEET-UG for MBBS and BDS students, students who wish to pursue post-graduation in the medical field also have to prepare for NEET-PG. NEET is the one exam to get admission into all medical colleges in India.

There are many steps involved even after the medical entrance exam, the NTA after the announcement of NEET results, NTA also announces the counselling schedules.

If you are someone who aspires to step into the medical field, you must understand the process of NEET Preparations. There are many tips and tricks, but one needs a solid strategy backed up by expertise to clear the NEET exam. You have already taken a step towards a life of tough competition and unbreakable dedication. There are many NEET 2021 preparation tips out there, but you need to focus on the ones that work for you.

Here's how to prepare for NEET 2021!

2021 has been a very chaotic year for all of us. The NEET exam was supposed to take place in May 2021. However, due to the nationwide COVID19 situation, it has been postponed. The lockdown since March 2020 has also given the students the time to prepare for NEET 2021. Many students, owing to the pandemic, were not able to focus on the NEET preparation. However, the indefinitely postponed date will give students some extra time for NEET preparation.

1.Time Management

It has been a pattern amongst the NEET students to study for long durations without taking a break. The key is to have a study session without being tired or overwhelmed. Also, the best way to NEET preparation 2021 is to invest in the right kind of NEET study material, that will save you time. Give each subject and topic a short time each day. Make your timetable according to your capacity and not what people expect you to.
Have small breaks to rejuvenate your brain. Walk, listen to music or share your break time with your pet.
Your hours don't need to look long on paper but plan a strategic schedule to accomplish your NEET preparation.

2. Know your NEET 2021 Syllabus

There are additions to the NEET syllabus every year. One must not forget to have an updated approach while appearing for NEET 2021. NEET exam and CBSE Board have many common topics. The ideal way to start preparing for the NEET exam is to start from class 11. Make your basics strong with NCERT textbooks. Once your basics are strong and clear, it becomes very easy to focus on competitive exams. Ensuring clear basics is the answer to how to crack the NEET exam.

Here are a few important topics:

Physics:Optics, Mechanics, Thermodynamics, Electronic Devices, Current Electricity.

Chemistry:General Organic Chemistry, Mole Concept, Chemical Bonding, Electrochemistry , Thermodynamics, Coordination Compound, Equilibrium.

Biology:Physiology of Plants and Animals, Morphology, Genetics & Evolution, Cell Biology, Biotechnology, Human Physiology, Diversity of Living Organism.

3. Identify your Weak Areas and work on it

Every student has a weak subject or a topic they are quite not clear about. The key to wholesome NEET preparation 2021 is to have a strong hand in all topics and subjects. There is plenty of NEET study material available for NEET preparation 2021. Also, you must attempt a good number of mock tests to understand your problem areas before the actual NEET exam.

4. Practice

If you are wondering how to crack the NEET exam on the first attempt, study & practice is the answer!

Studying is primary, but practising ensures you retain all that you have studied. You can look at previous year papers and practice to identify certain patterns. One can also identify some important topics and type of questions if you keep practicing mock papers, sample papers and previous year question papers. Always grade yourself after each practice session. Ensure to revisit the questions where you lack.

5. Invest your money and time in the appropriate NEET study material

NEET preparation 2021 can not be complete without good NEET study material. Out of all the plethora of guides, books and papers available for NEET preparation, one must be able to identify the right one.
1. Your NCERT syllabus must be clear.
2. Talk to experts for suggestions on NEET study material.

6. Take Guidance

Pandemic has come with its set of restriction, but technology has made life a little easier for all. If you are looking forward to NEET preparation 2021, you should consider either a NEET 2021 crash course or online coaching classes for NEET. Expert guidance will make your NEET preparation 2021 easier and experts will also recommend you the right NEET study Material for a smoother course.

There are a lot of institutes offering both the NEET 2021 crash course and online coaching for the NEET exam. You should enrol yourself at the earliest if not already have.

A crash course helps you visit all the syllabus at a faster pace. If you have already done your NEET preparation for 2021, investing in some crash course for NEET 2021 will provide you with a recap. You can also opt for NEET live classes. The NEET live classes are being held by many institutes and study groups. You may check online to join NEET live classes.

You will find many NEET preparation tips online and otherwise but experts will guide you and give you the NEET preparation tips that are useful.

7. Mind time constrain

NEET preparation 2021 can not be complete if you don't respect the time constrain. Most students fail to attempt all questions in the given period. To ensure you don't run out of time, practice your long answer mock tests with a timer in hand. Each minute counts, and so you can not be fooling around. The best way to NEET preparation for 2021 is to be fully conscious and in tune with your shortcomings.

Even during the NEET exam, make sure to think fast, write faster and not waste too much time on questions you are not sure of.

8. No Guesses, Be Sure!

NEET syllabus is vast, and you might feel overwhelmed at the time of appearing for NEET. There will be moments when you might feel confused and write the wrong answer to a question you are prepared for. Don't let confusion take over when appearing for NEET 2021. Relax your muscles and your senses. Believe in yourself and never let under confidence or overconfidence drag you down. Be sure of every move you make, every formula you use.

You can also achieve confidence by practising multiple questions from the NEET syllabus in a confined period. You can set your test papers to appear for NEET 2021.

9. Don't compromise on your health

NEET preparation 2021 can take a toll on your mental and physical well being. With many options like NEET live classes and NEET 2021 crash course, one can take the much-needed guidance. You do not have to do your NEET preparation in one night and neither do you have to do your NEET preparation alone. Take small steps and take help.

10. Talk to people who are doing NEET preparations or who have cleared NEET in the recent past

The best NEET preparation tips will come from students who have already appeared for the NEET exam. Also, interacting with your fellow students who are on their way to NEET preparation 2021 will give you a lot of insights and someone you may relate to.

Getting in touch with such students may also help you blow off some steam. You will be able to see how you are not alone.

Do mind that each student has a different approach to NEET preparations, do not get overwhelmed or threatened by someone else's way of NEET preparation.
You may also start a small group of NEET live classes to discuss your concerns and take motivation.

Technology has helped us survive the pandemic, it has bought us closer and it has been our ray of hope. Things like NEET live classes groups and online coaching can help you feel better and prepare you better for NEET 2021.