Education During Covid-19

online education in pandemic
covid-19 situation
online classes in times of pandemic situation

Covid-19, Lockdown, and Coronavirus, this is what we are facing now a days. Due to Coronavirus, millions of people have died and still counting is on. Millions have suffered from Coronavirus. When the pandemic was announced, everything started to get worst. The whole world had to face Lockdown. Governments from around the world took some substantial steps to do things as it was before but because of the lockdown, every business faced a huge loss which will take many years to recover.

One of the most affected industry was the Education system. When lockdown began, every school, coaching and institute was shutdown. For a few months, everything messed up and we had no idea how and what needs to be done. Students were enjoying in the beginning but then they started getting irritated and worried for their pending exams and new classes. Students, teachers, parents and everybody was concerned about their kid's education because the conditions were not getting in favor. Months after months passed but the government and System was clueless.

Rise of Online Learning during Pandemic

After a few months, government and Education hubs decided that they will provide online education. This was the moment which started a new era and something new for every student or learner. E-Learning has been in our Education system for years however it was always considered best for higher class students. Some parents and students were in support of online education in School level but at the same time, some were against it and still are. The government was affirmed to start online classes for all levels of education due to Pandemic.

Classes started to take place and students started to accept the change of form how classes were taken, and parents also started to take interest in how the Education system was changing. After sometimes, students finally started to enjoy online education. Teachers also came up with some online fun activities and games in their online classes to make them as interactive and engaging as it was in classroom. Till now, most of the students are enjoying the online class and online study courses as they have a good accessibility with internet, they can complete their studies from home, and they don't have to go to their education centers in these tough times.

During this situation, India accepted the change, an online education for all levels. The world can't stop and things have to go on. "Change is constant" and we have to accept them and work our ways around it. Let’s hope that things will get better soon and this new era of online education synces in our system to make things better for us and future generations.