Rising of E-Learning Platforms and the New Strain

growth of online education

When countries are trying to recover from the coronavirus, the virus has hit us again with the new strain. Condition of India are already down after the pandemic and especially in the education sector. Some states took the step to reopen the school for higher classes but students are afraid to go to school and parents also don’t want to risk their children’s health. From March 22, 2020, when the first lockdown was announced and till date, students are facing challenges. It became even more stressful for the students when the Indian government announced that exams will be held offline. Some students are happy with this decision and at the same time most of the students are not happy with this decision.

Somewhere students are right because almost the whole year they were not able to study with much focus which they were able to do while attending school and coaching classes and when the government announced that exams will be held offline, fear of exams is obvious.

When the pandemic approached India, the whole country was afraid and students were under stress because they knew that this pandemic will affect the country for a very long time as well as their studies. But when the pandemic too over the whole country, the schools were shut but it began a new era of online learning. When India realized that students are facing problems in their studies because of the COVID-19, online learning platforms took initiate and helped students a lot. Online learning has shown significant growth over the last decade as the internet and education combine to provide people with the opportunity to gain new skills.

distance learning during pandemic

Now when the schools and institutes are open, students have denied going to places. The reason is simple, they are getting quality education from online learning platforms and they are safe at home. There are so many benefits of online learning. Online classes make education more flexible which in turn makes higher education more inclusive. Many students or working students need flexibility in their schedules and module choices to access education. In coming days, online learning will take over offline education because maximum students are feeling comfortable studying at home. Online learning platforms provide many things like live classes, download option for recorded videos, online practice tests etc.

However it is also a challenge for online learning platforms to reach every student. Some students without good internet access and technology struggle to participate in online learning. Hence the government is helping students by providing digital equipment to those students who are in need. The government have also initiated that they must change ancient learning style and they must walk with the time and should switch to online learning. Now we all are going to witness a new era of education in coming years.