CBSE Board Exams Preparation Tips

CBSE exam preparation tips

Exams play a very important role in a student’s life especially when it’s board exams. As we know, due to Covid-19 schools and colleges are still closed and nobody is confirmed about the reopening of schools and colleges. In this scenario, students have only the option of online studies or e-learning. But it’s not enough, students have to figure out which platform is suitable for them and which platform is providing quality online study material.

There are many online platforms available for CBSE courses but choosing the right option is a big task. We can see that some platform charges a good amount of money from a student but don’t provide quality content and on the other hand, there are so many online platforms who charge very less amount but they too are unable to provide quality content.

There are many or we can say hundreds of platforms providing online CBSE classes. It’s always been difficult to choose the best online learning platform for students. Sometimes they (Online learning platforms) provide good demo videos but once student purchase their course, they get to know about it. In short, it’s always a hard task for a student to find the best online learning platform.

Here in E-Gyaan, we provide you with the best online study material for CBSE class 10th as well as 12th board exam preparation. E-Gyaan has experienced and qualified teachers who provide the best online education for students. If you are looking for e-learning courses, we are always here to help you. E-Gyaan believes in delivering quality education to its students.

“We wish the best to every student for their preparation of board exams.”

Tips to prepare for you CBSE Board Exams

1. Make a Routine

study schedule

You’ll have to make a proper schedule, not just plan and organize it but you will be required to follow it religiously, obviously if you want to see some serious results. You can schedule which subject, chapter or exercise you need to revise and when to revise. Make Notes and update the status of tasks you have completed.

2. Give Enough Rest to your Brain

get enough rest

Always get enough rest. Preparing for your CBSE board exams does not mean that you have to study all day and night. Your brain is like any other part of your body and it can’t function properly if you do not give it enough rest. Relaxing your mind doesn’t mean you should get sleep; you are simply taking a short break. You can do activities like a walk, meditation, listening to soothing music etc.

3. Focus


Focus! Are you having a hard time to concentrate while studying? This is a personal advice from my side, you can try deep breathing when you take little snack breaks in between your study session.

4. Solve CBSE Sample Papers

Solve CBSE Sample Papers. Solving CBSE sample questions can help you in many ways. We are providing Class 10th and 12th Sample Papers which allows you to solve many types of questions for preparation for previous years for reference. So, what are you waiting for? You can download free sample papers for CBSE Class 10 & CBSE Class 12 for current as well as previous years.

5. Group Study

group study for CBSE board

Preparation for your CBSE board exams gets a little fun when you study in a group. There are times when you can’t solve a problem all by yourself and there comes your friends and teachers who help you with those questions so studying in a group once in a while is a very healthy way to prepare for your CBSE exams.

6. NCERT and Previous Year Exam Papers

Should you take NCERT books seriously? YES! YOU MUST. Don’t even think about solving sample papers unless you have completed NCERT. Make sure to solve previous year exam papers, it’s very important and helpful for the preparation of your CBSE board exams whether it is for class 10 or class 12. There is always a chance of questions repeating from previous year exams so why take the risk when you can get some solid benefits from an opportunities like this.