Our Teachers

Learn about some of our leading teachers. At E-Gyaan, we're committed to collaborating with a talented and diverse teaching force, one that reflects the values and scores our students get.

Shailendra Pandey physics teacher

  Mr. Shailendra Pandey

  10 years


  HoD Physics

Smriti Pandey biology teacher

  Mrs. Smriti Pandey

  5 years


  HoD Biology

Ajay Singh chemistry teacher

  Mr. Ajay Singh

  13 years

  M.Sc Chemistry

  HoD Chemistry

Manish Singh mathematics teacher

  Mr. Manish Singh

  15 years

  M.Tech in Mathematics

  HoD Mathematics

Om Ji Awasthi mathematics faculty teacher

  Mr. Om Ji Awasthi

  5 years


  Mathematics Faculty